Hi, I'm Tamás Kovács graphic designer. I'm living and creating in Budapest, Hungary. And I love cats...

My goal is to give something to people that they can't find anywhere else, my point of view on things, my ideas. My works are mostly cat&men-related. What can I say? Cats share funny moments with us sometimes. Humour is always a good start to create.

The original idea of Beards and Cats / Cat Daddy was the goal of introducing cat man and their feline partners on social media. The whole thing has become viral and it now has an insanely large fan base. 

I never had a stand-alone site for any of my creations, I always used marketplaces to sell cat designs on products, finally in 2021 I decided to expand my business to Cat Dad Store. I want to continue what I have started with Beards and Cats - but this time I'm focusing on Cat Daddies. Men who live with cats. This is a special connection, isn't it? Not purposely, but I think it fights gender roles as well. Men are not considered as cat lovers in such societies, it's unusual, but people tend to accept this relationship when they see examples. 

As I'm a cat dad as well, I'm familiar with strange looks when I go out with my cat on a leash, but curiosity always wins, and I talk with people about cats - people whom I would have never talked to probably. Cats bring us humans together, it's safe to say.

With my products I would like to grab the momentum when a guy decides to embrace his affection for cats and help them express it. It's all about us being us, the reflection of our personality, isn't it?


But back to the start. How have I even thought of this idea - men with cats? What kind of sorcery is this? Well, first of all, ever since I moved to where I live, I got accompanied by my cat - this happened in 2008. I was a single bearded bachelor and all of a sudden I became a father - a cat daddy. 

I was curious if it's just me, or are any other cat dads out there? It was a recurring joke with my friends, because it seemed bachelor men were following this "lifestyle", and all of them were bearded. They were posting me these pictures of men on the internet posing with cats. 

Just for fun I began Beards and Cats page on Facebook in 2013 - as I found lots of sources. Surprisingly, it was a fastly growing fan page. I started to get submissions - men wanted to get featured. This was a key moment, as I had to stop searching the internet for more pictures, the internet found my page.

It was so popular at a point, I needed to start managing Beards and Cats Instagram account. That's where things got really out of hand. I submitted everyone from the start, but then I just couldn't keep up with the amount of submissions. Up until today I use a waiting line for thousands of pictures and videos of men having fun moments with their fur kids.

I even expanded this fan base to Cat Daddy, because there were no real reason to exclude beardless men. This became famous as well, as expected. Feature is less democratic, than on Beards and Cats, just because I focus on the previously unseen situations. But it doesn't seem to get boring in time. Cat Dads are at it!

In 2020 I lost my job due to COVID-19. I really had no idea how else to continue, BUT working as a graphic designer in the world of cats. I dedicate my whole life to cats! Long story short...

Finally I've opened my online store for Cat Daddy - and you are in Cat Dad Store at a long journey's new milestone. I really hope you appreciate my designs and they bring you joy. :)